Monday, October 6, 2008

You want me to eat WHAT?!

Yep, Grandy is home from the hospital. The hospital stay was a bit longer than I had anticipated (Grandy was hoping for out-patient as that was best case scenario). Oh well, I'm home now, on some serious meds that actually make me feel sick, and having a grandy ol' time. Get it? "grand-y ol' time"?

Ahhh nevermind.

I do have to share that yes...I did get the same crazy bitch nurse that I introduced you all to in Okay...THANK YOU!!. How is that possible? Just lucky I guess. She was "something" alright.

More importantly, I must share with you the menu.

The procedure I had done requires that my diet be limited to soft pureed foods for a little while. Alright, so Grandy can live on "Cream of Something Soup" for a little while.

What I did not expect was this for lunch:

Or this for dinner:

No flippin idea what these things are? Neither did I at first.

Lunch was tolerable as it was pureed chicken and pureed carrots. I could tolerate that because carrot juice isn't horrible but it was friggin' as close as it gets.

Dinner...oh what can I say about dinner? If you guessed canned cat food, you would be close. It was pureed pork and pureed peas. SERIOUSLY???

I did try a bite because I'm a dumbass trooper that way, and tried to pretend it was meat loaf. I had to call the crazy bitch nurse back in and say hell no.

She said, "But this is part of your diet. You have to eat soft things on Stage 3 foods." "Then drop be back to Stage 2 and bring me cream of anything soup," I snarled. "Okay...THANK YOU!!" she replied.


After that it was soup, cream of wheat, or yogurt. And it still is.

What I want to know is...was I wrong? I get the feeling the cook even cringed when he slapped that crap on the plate.

So, Grandy might have been a cranky patient this time around, but the reasons kept coming at me. Wait until I tell you about my roommate!!


Mrs. F said...

Ewww, hospital food is bad enough when it is not pureed. That just looks BAD! Hope you get on solids soon!!!!

Suzanne said...

I don't blame you. Not one bit. That looks nasty.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

If you weren't sick before looking at that food, you would be afterwards.

Mrs. G. said...

Welcome home. Ewwwwwwwww...

Catherine said...

I think velveeta fudge would qualify as a soft food - make yourself some.

onthecurb said...

Glad you're home and on the mend.

Hon, come here and eat with my babies. They'll gladly share their pureed foods with ya. (and even my naive babies turned their nose at the peas...blugh)

Momisodes said...

Dude, that doesn't even look appropriate for human consumption. I don't blame you one bit. Seriously.

Hang in there.

xup said...

Exactly what Mrs. F. said. No one ever goes to a hospital to become healthy. Aesthetically and nutritionally, hospital food is as bad as it comes. You should have had someone bring you meals.

Joyce-Anne said...

Yuck! I thought I had it bad when I was in the hospital (giving birth to my third child), I had a c-section and was on a liquid diet. However, my liquid diet far surpassed your pureed foods. I'm glad you sent it back.

Welcome home. I'm glad you're back.

Theresa said...

Yuck. And to think I was hungry before seeing those photos! Yuck!

Grandy, just get well, ok?

storyteller said...

At least the foods were COLORFUL ;-)
Actually, having visited relatives in hospitals on similar diets … I recognized most of the foods and I do feel for you … seriously! Welcome home. Hope you recover quickly ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

mysecondjournal said...

I'm so happy you are home..I hope your recovery is quick.

I'm sitting here SO hungry I was almost thinking that chicken mush sounded good.

What? I said almost.


MrBlogger said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mary!
We are glad you are home! We are thinking about you and your boys! We hope you are feeling better every day!
Love from the Brundage's

Mariuca said...

Grandy!!I see ur dolly he he! :) If u want it to be bigger, u can just change the size of the width and height accordingly. This size is the same like Mariuca's dolly! :)

PS. Thanks for the ECs sweetie, although you really didn't have to! I was happy to help. :):):)

chris said...

Man Dude, if I was around I would've sneaked some food in for you...

mysecondjournal said...

come by and get some bloggie bling

Dirty Laundry Diva said...

It does look like cat food, sick! I would have been cranky too!!

Grandy said...

Mrs. F~ Me too!

Suzanne~ Thank you.

Jenn~ And was for sometime afterwards too.

Mrs. G~ Thanks.

Catherine~ Velveeta fudge? Is that a cheesy chocolate thing?

Dee~ HA! I'll come hang with your babes any day of the week. ;)

Sandy~ It wasn't fit for any consumption.

Grandy said...

XUP~ Hubby wanted to, but they were watching him.

Joyce-Anne~ Unfortunately my liquid diet can't consist of milkshakes.

Theresa~ Sorry...didn't mean to ruin your appetite.

Storyteller~ Thank you so very much.

MP~ Have you been sipping my liquid crack?

MrBlogger~ Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you again.

Brundages~ Thanks so much my lovely family! Hope you had a good weekend this past one while Mom was there.

Grandy said...

Mariuca~ No...THANK YOU!!

Chris~ Thanks for having my back friend.

MP~ Bling? I'll come check it out.

Diva~ Good to see ya chickee. Somehow I knew you would understand.

Vixen said...

There are so many things wrong with that dinner that I could never explain them all here. I cannot imagine it in real life, as the picture is just so...

Grandy said...

Vixen~ I know. It will be alright (she says holding a towel on your forehead). I'm here for you through this. I took it for the team. ;)

Travis said...

I remember that nasty stage 3 food. I asked why I couldn't have the stage 2 food because it tasted better and was just as soft.

They frowned at me, but they brought me the better tasting stage 2 food.