Friday, October 3, 2008


Oh MY!! My baby is getting so big!!

Today, October 3, 2008, is the one year blogversary of Functional Shmunctional!

::Throwing ticker tape to the sound of trumpets::

I wasn't about to let my surgery interfere with the celebration. Wheel me up a chair, fill me full of pain meds, and pass the champagne!! And yes...for the record...I am pre-posting this so I have nothing to report specifically yet. I didn't want to miss out on this day. (For the record I'm probably sleeping today anyway...the day after is always such FUN!!)

It all began with Here Goes Nothing.

At that time, I started this blog as a way to learn more about myself. I never thought that there would be any readers, much less fans.

Grandy has had an amazing year, and in looking back over the last year I have to say I have learned a lot about me, I've learned a lot about you all, and learned a lot about blogging.

Here's a top 10 list of what I've learned about Grandy/ You/ Blogging in the last 365 Days.

10) The ever important strikethrough feature ROCKS!! - This took me MONTHS to learn.

9) Don't RAMBLE! - I have to tell myself not to do that constantly. It's a goal for every I violate this goal with most.

8) Hubby doesn't fight me on blogging since It doesn't get much better...

7) Some bloggers take themselves TOO SERIOUSLY.

6) You like comments as much as I do!! I try to comment every time.

5) Friends read your blog, but don't always tell you. Don't write what you're not prepared to say.

4) Blogging is good for my health. - It's been a great creative outlet I had not tapped for many years.


2) I am a better person now because of what I've learned from you all.


So...It's Friday...It's Grandy's Blogversary... It's TIME TO PARTY!!!

While you pour yourself a drink...and I take more pain meds...why don't you tell me how long you've been blogging??


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Congratulations! I hope everything went okay.

My blogoversary will be Christmas Day--kind of weird I know, but everyone else was playing with their new toys.

Right on list.

Christina said...

Wow! You have quite a nice following for only a year!! Well done my dear. And best wishes on the surgery.

Joyce-Anne said...

Happy Blogversary!!!

I hope the surgery went well and you are up and around very soon.

Mrs. G. said...


storyteller said...

Happy Blogoversary to you!!!!! I had no idea you started blogging so close to the time that I did. Mine is in 19 days (according to the countdown widget at Small Reflections). Methinks it’s high time I learned about the ‘strike through’ feature. Wanna help a fellow blogger out? Number 5 is interesting because methinks no one I know actually reads my blogs even though they all KNOW about them … but perhaps I’m wrong about that. I suspect we ALL have much to learn and ‘get by with help from blogging buddies’ …
I hope all went well with the surgery … and that you’re fully recovered quickly.
Hugs and blessings,

Mrs. F said...

Happy blogaversary, lady! My first blogaversary is on Sunday. w00t!

I hope you are feeling high as a kite today.


Vixen said...

Congratulations Grandy! You have learned a lot in your first year. Cheers to another year and another and another.

My two year blogversary is next March. I should probably start planning now.

phd in yogurtry said...

Happy Bversary and I hope your surgery went smoothely. My blog will be 1 yr old in late Dec -- a few days after Jenn's, I see.

xup said...

Whoo-hoo for yoo!!!I think I've been blogging for almost a couple of years, with a break in between... I don't know...I'm not keeping track. I'm a horrible person. But congrats!! I'm having a wee drinkie for ya!

Travis said...

Happy Bloggiversary!

Theresa said...

Congratulations on reaching The Big One, Grandy!

I hope you're feeling ok and getting up and around.

dkuroiwa said...

Hey there.....and Congratulations on one year. I need to go and check to see when I started...maybe a little longer...hmmmm.....good question.

I love your blog...I don't always comment (I have my "off" days!)..but I'm always here!!
Looking forward to another year of fun!!

*How are you feeling? Do you need anything? Can I get anything for you? Are you warm enough? How are those meds?
Take care!!

chris said...

Happy Anniversary...I too have so much to learn with this blogging thing.

onthecurb said...

Happy Blogversay, Grandy!

I think it's been a tad over a year for me. I'm horrible...I forget my own anniversaries. But, hey, then I don't have to buy myself anything. Or tell myself I look pretty today. Or compliment my fat butt pretending it's not really fat. ;-)

I hope you're feeling better and everything was a breeze with the operation(s). Still sending good vibes your way.

Deanna said...

Happy Blogoversary and get better soon! Enjoy the drugs for me - I never could.

Grandy said...

Jenn~ Christmas day is at least easy enough to remember.

Christina~ Thanks lady!!

Joyce-Anne~ When are you going to start one?

Mrs. G~ Thanks luv!

Grandy said...

Storyteller~ I can help you. You're on blogger too, right? If you go into the "html" version as your composing (you know, the spot where you put widget text) and use <> with an "s" in the middle, and then of course the <> with the /s in it, before and after the words you want crossed out, it will work.

Mrs. F~ Still feeling high as a kite. I'll have to go congratulate you on your blogversary.

Vixen~ WOW! 2 years? I should have planned mine better but well.. you know how that goes.

Phd~ Thanks lady...and I'll be looking for that blogversary.

XUP~ I'm hoping you had more than a wee drink?

Grandy said...

Travis~ Thanks!

DK~ I appreciate any time you stop by and whether you comment or not. Thanks!! I'm doing ok and hubby is taking good care of me. ;)

Chris~ You seem to have one up on me for sure.

Dee~ Feelin' the vibes and totally appreciate it.

Deanna~ Not really "enjoying" the meds. But toleration is key.

storyteller said...

Thanks for the tip (I get it -- ‘s’ for strike through, right?) Definitely makes sense! I'll give it a try soon ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Momisodes said...

OMG! how did I miss this :( Happy Blogiversary!!!

Hope everything went smoothly with surgery.

Grandy said...

Storyteller~ Yep! S is for Strikethrough...and for Storyteller. ;)

Sandy~ Thanks beautiful!

Emila Yusof said...

Congrats Grandy! Happy Blogversary! Glad to see your dolly is finally working!

Mike Golch said...

OOOPS,I missed this one I think,if so a Blelated Happy Blogaversary!

Grandy said...

Emila~ Thank you so much!! I appreciate you stopping by...and making my Dolly.

Mike~ Thank you, sir!!