Tuesday, October 14, 2008

3 Reasons why BBC America ROCKS

You all know that Grandy is not a big fan of daytime television. It sucks me in...sucks me dry...and spits me out.

With commercials like:

Have you been injured in an auto accident? Is your insurance company ripping you off?

Or Television shows like:

Is the entire neighborhood this baby's father?

Don't even get me started on reality shows:

Let's see what happens when we send this women's rights activist on a blind date with this red-neck from Kansas.

With programming like this, and having your a$$ planted in a chair, it's a bit difficult not to let it effect your mood.

Well there are some shows over at BBC America that make me feel so much better. The honesty, the freeness of the **Bleeps**, there is just something about these shows that instantly rev up my mood.

1) Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares - The host of Hell's Kitchen shows a more human, endearing side of himself as he blasts the restaurant staff and owners of places that need some serious help. Gordon Ramsay freely drops F-Bombs and calls them names. It's awesome to watch the ineptness as it unfolds. By the end of the episode, you find yourself rooting for these places that earlier wouldn't be fit to be open by the health inspector.

This show so rocks! I'm secretly growing a crush on this man.

2) You Are What You Eat - Gillian McKeith, a holistic nutritionist, helps people completely re-work their diets and introduces them to exercise with a no-holds-barred approach. This woman is BRUTAL and AWESOME. When she puts the people's food on the table showing what they consume in a week...OH MY!! Scandalous!! Have you thought of putting all the food you eat in a week on one table? It could be eye opening.

3) How Clean Is Your House? - This show ab-so-friggin'-lutely makes Grandy feel better about the state her house is in. These two ladies are absolute goddesses of clean. Did you know that you can use mayonnaise to remove stickers from furniture?

The scary part is they do show how much bacteria lives in the home with the occupant, and that gives me a bit of the heebie-jeebies.

For the record...this is not a picture of Grandy's kitchen. It has been close to this, but not this bad.

You know what else Grandy finds fascinating? Watching their news and their input on our elections. Boy can Grandy not WAIT until this campaign crap is over.

So tell me reader... Do you have a favorite show on the BBC? Have you ever seen a show on BBC?
You really should!!


Al said...

I love me some "Keeping Up With Appearances" and "As Time Goes By." I was recently introduced to "Dr. Who" but since I don't have cable, and it doesn't show on my local PBS, I'll just have to rent episodes or suffer...

Suzanne said...

Love love love Gordon Ramsay! I'm also partial to Doctor Who, David Tennant is something I've never expected-an amazing doctor!

Mariuca said...

Yahooo!!! My EC is here today, thanks Grandy and have a great day! :):):)

Renie Burghardt said...

Hey there, funny lady!

I never watch daytime television, and have not watched BBC America. Got to try some of the shows you mention.

Oh, and the elections? Don't even get me started on that subject. Casn't wait until they're over!

I'd rather be out hiking in my woods, or lunching with my friends, then watch anything the TV has to offer.

Enjoy your day!



Ann said...

Guess I have been out of the States awhile, never new BBC was on there. Guess thought was just an English thing.

chris said...

No time for T.V...I wish I did. I do watch a lot of ESPN and Discovery and History Channel.

Vixen said...

We don't have cable, so I don't watch many shows. We used to, but are off the cable wagon for a while. When we get back to it, I will have to check out the BBC

linda said...

Long time no hear-from! Yes! I will be surfacing soon.... I'll let you know first - how bout that?

Oh, and Brittish TV rocks... how else would we know what others think of is here in the states?

Love ya!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I don't watch any BBC shows, but I do lurve me some BBC World Broadcast on NPR.

Grandy said...

Al~ Oh I forgot about the "Keeping Up With Appearances". FUN STUFF!!

Suzanne~ I knew you would be a Gordon fan, you chef you.

Mariuca~ THANK YOU for your EC. ;)

Renie~ Are you gloating? I can't hike...yet.

Ann~ Thanks for stopping by! Although no, they do have one BBC channel here.

Grandy said...

Vixen~ Psst...Get DirecTV if you go back. You'll LOVE it!

Linda~ Where you been girl??

Jenn~ BBC rocks...but not as much fun on NPR because the BLEEPS don't really fly there. ;)

wrekehavoc said...

BBC America makes me mad! they stopped showing Eastenders, my all time favorite show. now, i have to pay a ton of money to watch it on my local PBS station -- and we're 5 years behind the UK!

and i have to be glad about that, too.


but i did love me Footballers Wives, which may be channel 4 or not the Beeb...

Grandy said...

Wreke~ Oooh...I don't know those shows. I'm sorry for your loss.

Mrs. F said...

I LOVE How clean is your house? It makes my house look like a spotless castle!

How bad is it that I watch that show and Clean House on the Style Network just for an ego boost?