Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let's Change the Pace

My Blogging buddy Tina Coruth, over at Tina's Odds & Ends was playing catch up today and commented on several of my posts. I stopped over to see what she was up to and saw this fun post.

I wanted to do something to change my irritable mood. Monday I ranted about bra shopping and my incredible shrinking breastseses, and Tuesday I ranted about work and morons. I thought today, since it wasn't too far off from yesterday, I would try to keep the mood light by stealing Tina's meme.

WHAT WERE YOU DOING 10 YEARS AGO? - Moving to Northern California, with my son who was 2. I left my hometown to live near my sister and a bigger city so I could find a good job. I did more than that...I found my hubby too. :)

WHAT ARE THE 5 THINGS ON YOUR "TO DO" LIST? - Get Ty signed up for football, get car washed, fold laundry, blog, and take over the world.

3)SNACKS THAT YOU ENJOY - String Cheese, crackers, and yogurt. Not necessarily together though. Boring huh?

1.Pay off my house, mom's house, 3 sisters' and one brother's house, a mother-in-law's house, and brother/sister-in-law's house.
2.Pay to send everyone on a vacation...but not necessarily together because hey, I just paid off your house, give me some SPACE already. and...

5) PLACES WHERE I HAVE LIVED - Salinas, CA (Hometown), Fresno, CA (College town), Missoula, MT (Temporary), Sacramento, CA (this is for you Mrs. F, my fellow SacTown Lady) and my small town now...45 miles the sticks...That's In the Sticks, CA (right Malone! ?)

6)BAD HABITS THAT I HAVE - I overwork myself, I'm too hard on myself, I say what I think too much, I pick my nose (no really, I was just making sure you were still reading this), I drive too fast, I cry easily.

7) JOBS THAT I HAVE HAD - Claims Adjuster, Receptionist, Telemarketer (1 week), Orange Julius Smoothie Girl (before Jamba Juice), Tour Actor/Director, Waitress, MOM. yourself to this meme, and let me know you've done it so I can come learn more about you all. :) I'm going to spare everyone and not tag...but it doesn't mean you don't have to comment.


Mrs. F said...

I was raised in Sacramento, but we lived in Salinas briefly for my husbands job, then we moved to Gonzales because it was closer to his work, and the apartment we were staying in in Salinas sucked monkey balls.

Also, my Mom went to Fresno State and we lived in Fresno when I was in the 5th and 6th grade (right before we moved to Sacramento).

Just a couple more things that we have in common.

Jennifer H said...

Your billionaire list looks very similar to what mine would be. And, no, I don't want to go on vacation with my relatives, either.

I envy you for having lived in Missoula. I always thought that would be a cool place to live.

Anonymous said...

Those are all areas of California that I have never been's a big ole state though ain't it.


I remember Orange Julius in the mall. I always thought it was named after OJ the famouse football player :-)

Sandy C. said...

I love Orange Julius! We share the same bad habits...except I don't say what I think enough. I just let it eat away at me internally.

Oh how I miss the California weather sometimes :)

Tina Coruth said...

Thanks for the link, Grandy! Tour actor/director has to be one of the coolest jobs I've seen. I'm glad you "stole" (LOL) the meme because I sure enjoyed reading it.

Mike Golch said...

I'm with you on taking over the world. I live in Sacramento for a spell first cause the Air Force said I had to and after I got out I stayed ther because that is where my former wife was born and raised. Then when that fiasco ended I came back to where I was born and raised.Cleveland ohio.

Mrs. F said...

Heyyyy, you linked to me. That is awesome. Thanks!

Lucky Girl said...

Good luck with that taking over the world thing. That used to be on my list, but I just don't have the time for it these days.

storyteller said...

Thanks for visiting Small Reflections recently. Sorry I’ve been ‘absent’ but I’m sure you know how busy life can get at times.

I enjoyed learning more about you from Tina’s meme … but are you sure you’d really like to ‘take over the world’ … I mean think about that! Seriously (see #6 ‘bad habits’ … ie ‘overworking yourself’ etc).

Methinks I did this one a while back … on a Monday perhaps. Let me see if I can find it. Yep … it’s in the last half of Fun Monday #4 (the post where I shared your award too) ... so check it out!
Hugs and blessings,

Malone! said...

Yes, it's truly big, huge, green, shady, large, sticks that flat landers are amazed to see. More sticks than people - just the way we like it.

Grandy said...

Mrs. F~ When are we going to get together for lunch?? I know we would have a blast!!

Jennifer~ It's beautiful in Montana but it was 14 years ago. They didn't know what to think of me roller blading into Taco Bell.

MP~ Yeah, he was famous for football then, wasn't he?? And the Naked Gun movies. :)

Sandy~ We're having some wierd weather right now.

Tina~ The Tour Actor/Director gig was one of the coolest gigs I've ever had.

Mike~ Isn't there a song...Cleveland ROCKS! (?)

Mrs. F~ How long until you figured that out??

Lucky Girl~ You're too busy making beautiful jewelry. :)

storyteller~ You're right. Take over the world + work to hard = Grandy getting sick again. Hey, the body has slowed down since the surgery, but the mind still forgets.

Malone~ We love our sticks...more to beat the hubbys with. :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Saying what you think; is that really a bad habit? I hope not.

Grandy said...

Jenn~ No...not really...unless it's what I think.

Nora Bee said...

With you on the string cheese! And, you can always pay off my house too if you have any cash leftover.

Grandy said...

Nora Bee~ You've got yourself a deal there cornbread lady.