Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An Award for some Newbies

Wow...Grandy is on a ROLL!!

Last week I managed to win an iTunes Gift Card, and this week I've earned a new award.

The wonderfully talented Renie Burghardt has graciously gifted me with a "Make My Day Award". How swell is that? Well...if you don't know Renie, you should go check her out at Renie Burghardt's World. She writes beautifully and takes great pictures to boot!

So now I am to pass this along to 5 blogs that make me think...and make my day. Only 5? Really? Have you seen my blog roll? It keeps growing!!

Well...Grandy is always excited to meet new bloggers, even if they're not so new but new to me. (oh yes...it's all about the Grandy...sometimes) So, with that said, I'm going to bestow this award on 5 relatively new bloggers, or "new to me" bloggers. This way you'll all go check them out and tell them Grandy sent you to stalk them say hi.

So...drumroll...I am bestowing this award to...

Dirty Laundry Diva - I'm impressed with this woman as it appears she may have been blogging for only a short time and yet she already has her own domain? She just moved so it's only right if I give her a web-warming gift. Right?

PollyWollyDoodlesAllDay - Not so new to me, but maybe some of you. Funny fellow Sac-Town Lady. :)

Alex Year Two- This lady is NOWHERE near new to blogging, but she is relatively new to me. In the short few months I've visited her (and guest blogged for her) I've commented about 30 times. She's a pretty kewl cat.

http://jugglinglife.typepad.com/juggling_life/ - Jenn @ Juggling Life (let's see if I can make this link happen) This lady started her blog in what...January?...and has one heck of a following. I don't know how she does it with all her kids, and school, and hubby...but she's a pretty great gal with one heck of a knack for storytelling.

My Second Journal- I have to share an award with the lovely MP, after all, she recently bestowed me with the great prize. She takes some amazing pics.

Stop in and tell these lovelies hello from Grandy.

I'll be over here working on some fun skillz to make another award. I don't like that I had to limit to just 5.

I feel like I'm wrapping up the end of a Romper Room, "I see a Golch, a Momisodes, ooh there's a Derfwad, a Curb Squirrel (my aren't we thirsty), a Dens, hey there's a Foible! There's a Firecracker in the group, and that classy lady in the stilletos, my FL Retail Friend, and my dear sweet Cyber Highway friend.

Oh yesssssssss...sounding like a tire with a slow leak...Grandy's coming back with another award for you all.


Mrs. F said...

OMGosh that is SWEET! Thank you so much!

krissy said...

Is a mudslide bad to drink as breakfast? I figured you would know this answer.

I could think of it as a diet drink, like slim fast.

Whatta ya say? Can I have a mudslide for breakfast. What about a Miller Chill? That has something that is good for me, right?

Missed you and I'll be back more soon!

Anonymous said...


Totally awesome! I'm going to snag it and pay it forward to 5 blogs that are new to me!! Fun!!

dawn224 said...

now you know I love you more'n mah luggage :) Thanks :)

chris said...

Man, I wish I have the talent to do all this graphic html stuff so I can give out awards too.

Dirty Laundry Diva said...

Awe thanks for the award, you know it is my first award! I am linking back to you on a separate page and talking about the award.

It is also a good distraction for me today. NewscasterHottie is flying cross country for a job interview right now... I need distractions!

So, thanks for the lovely award. You rock!

Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal said...

Wow. That's top notch!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Thank you so much--and giving me more blogs to check out; 'cause 80 on the Google Reader just isn't enough!

Sandy C. said...

You are the sweetest Grandy :) Congrats to the recipients! Can't wait to see your skillz ;)

Mrs. G. said...

I know some of these wonderful blogs and I look forward to checking the others out. Thanks Grandy. You are a day maker.

Jennifer H said...

That's a very cool award--
congratulations! I know Juggling Life, but I will have to check out the others now.

Grandy said...

Mrs. F~ You are SO welcome. :)

Krissy~ If you do not go to sleep, drink through the night, and have mudslides for breakfast, you're good. HOWEVER...if you are "tasting" the mudslide the next morning, NOT so good.

MP~ Snag away sweetie!!

Dawn~ Is that the luggage with the floral print? I think I tripped over that while blogsitting.

Chris~ I don't know how to do most of the stuff either. I'm still learning.

Diva~ You are so welcome! Welcome aboard the blogging world!!

Dave~ Thanks!!

Jenn~ 80? On the Google Reader? When do you sleep?

Sandy~ Oh yeah, workin on those skillz as we speak.

Mrs. G~ Cute sandals on the pic. Thank you for your kind words. I
<3 Mrs. G!

Jennifer~ Please tell them all I say hi. :)

Suzanne said...

Woohoo, now that the insanity is over, more blogs to read! You ROCK!

Dr. Cason said...

Hi Grandy!

I need to go visit the sites but I'm procrastinating right now and it's totally stressing me out.

I'll be bacccckkkk!!

BTW- I'm so excited to see you at my blog- I was afraid I'd lost some people from before.


dkuroiwa said...

Congrats on the new award...and I'll go and check your awardees out...yeah...like Jenn, I need more blogs to read..though I don't have 80, I feel I might be getting close.

How is it that one day you have no posts...and then, like today, I see you have 6 new ones!?!?! man...I've been slacking on my reading....I better get some coffee for this!!
have a good one!

Tina Coruth said...


This sounds like a fine group. I am going to check them out! Thanks!


Nora Bee said...