Sunday, March 7, 2010

You Didn't Just GO There?

Grandy took little man Grandy to the orthopedic doctor on Friday. It appears my boy has a tear in his ACL in his right knee. Really? More surgery for the family? Poor little man.

While at the doctor, the doctor is explaining the process and what will happen next. Grandy interrupts him to explain that I have had 3 reconstructive knee surgeries, all surrounding my ACL and LCL. I've so been there...done that. I know every physical therapy exercise, every medical term associated with the procedure, and all the pain that my little man is in store for.

The doctor continues with his explanation for the follow up appointment next week, and suggests that "perhaps" Mr. Grandy would like to be there at the appointment. He explains to MY SON that often he gets calls after the fact from Dad's who say, "Yeah, my wife was in there but didn't understand all that you told her, so please explain it to me."

::blink blink::

Seriously? Did we transport back to 1960? Did I not JUST mention that I've been through this process 3 times??? The biggest "surgery" that Mr. Grandy has had involved the removal of his wisdom teeth (which he still, to this day, says was "major surgery"). Grandy has had more surgical procedures than she has fingers and toes, and you think that I'm not going to get what you're saying??

Little man's face went white because he just knew that I was going to go off. I did not, however, "go off" on the poor un-suspecting doctor.

What did I say in response, you ask??

Nothing. I smiled.

What did I think in my head??

Oh...I'm sure you can figure THAT out!!


Wiggy said...

To say doctors are meant to be quite clever they can also be dumb at times Grandy! Hope everything goes smoothly then.

songbird's crazy world said...

I actually changed doctors once because of such idiocy. My doctor retired and sold his practice, and the new doctor hadn't learned ... I had pneumonia. I was very sick when I showed up at his office, so he sent me to the ER. When he arrived at the ER a short time later, he told me he wanted to admit me to the hospital, but never explained why, and I had to ask the attending physician why my doctor was having me admitted.

I think ANYONE would have been shocked by such behavior...but at the time I was practicing law with a large NYC firm, and most doctors were very, very careful to make absolutely sure I understood everything aobut my illness and their recommended treatment.

Joyce-Anne said...

Noooooooooooooo! I'm proud of you for keeping your mouth shut. Lately I've gotten in trouble for mine. I'm with Songbird, it's not a bad idea to switch doctors due to his stupidity.

Grandy said...

Wiggy~ They can be dumb, huh?

Songbird~ WOW!! The doctors had your number alright!!

JA~ Well...I hear good things about him. If he does right by the little man, then so be it. ;)

Jen said...

The doctor really dodged a bullet and he doesn't even know it. I'm proud of you Grandy. Next time though, give it to him.

Momisodes said...

Oh man. I can only imagine your level of restraint for this one. Kudos to you.

I would have been red in the face and fuming inside too.

Grandy said...

Jen~ Good news! The next time happened yesterday...all was spared. ;)

Sandy~ You have a different relationship with doctors even. :D

Wiggy said...

I have a feeling I will be in the doctors very soon regarding my knee :( Getting discomfort at the minute when walking, and when I go to move it from a bent position, its clicking and pulling which don't feel good

Anonymous said...

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