Monday, March 22, 2010

Belated Birthday Blessing

Several of you who know me through facebook know that the Little Man Grandy had a birthday on Friday.

He's FOURTEEN now.

What does this mean for Grandy?

Well, it means that I now overhear conversations between him and his friends that I REALLY never wanted to hear. Case in point...

Me: ::driving him and friends to a party::
Him: Dude! You're not black? (ongoing joke with his friend)
Friend: Well... only from the waste down.


Me: ::giggling:: LA-LA-LA! NOT LISTENING!!

What else does it mean for Grandy?

It means that my boy is growing up, changing, every ding-dong-day!!

Other case in is his picture from last year's birthday:

And here he is at Christmas:

He looks EVEN MORE different now!!

My handsome boy is turning in to such a young man. I get compliments from everyone I see about how sharp, courteous, and respectful he is. I'm so proud of him, in so many ways!! His nick-name is still Captain Half-Ass in Grandy-land because it takes him 3.2 tries to get his chores right. But we love him anyway.

Part of me though...deep down...still misses this kid:

Can you blame me????

Love you Bud!!!


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Christina said...

Aww....I so know what you mean about missing that cute little boy!!

Happy Birthday ;-)

Joyce-Anne said...

Happy belated Birthday Ty! He has changed from last year! I can't imagine what I'll be feeling when my oldest turns 14, there are many times I miss how adorable she was at 3.

Hasta Pasta said...

Wow can I just say wow... I remember way back when, 14-some-yrs ago you told me you were expecting and i remember thinking "what have WE gotten ourselves into". I DID know at that time that you would be awsome, as always, at being a mother. And in our group you were the 1st one to do so. All your hard work, humor and greatness is reflected in him. I am proud of you and hugs and kisses to him on his birthday.

Vixen said...

I don't blame you for missing that adorable little boy, not one bit! I still miss mine. Every week he comes to visit, I pull out some adorable picture from when he was small and tell him to start going backwards!

Wiggy said...

Belated Happy birthday to him :)