Sunday, February 28, 2010

A New Winter Olympic Sport

Watching the Olympics this time around, I have been amazed by the athletisicm of these individuals. I love seeing the behind-the-scenes stories, and getting to know the person and family behind the goggles, or on the skates. With all the inspiring stories, it definitely inspires even the most athletic challenged to try and do "something".

Grandy has never skiid, never snow boarded, never even sledded in snow. I've played, walked, shoveled, ridden my quad, and of course even built a snow man, but because of all my knee surgeries I have never attempted to do those thins in fear of activating my medical plan.

Friday...this past Friday...Grandy decided it was time to try. There was a sponsored trip to Squaw Valley by one of our clients. All expenses, lessons, rentals, lift tickets, drinks, all paid for by someone else...who wouldn't want to go? I've gone before, but have hung out with the few that braved the weather by holding up the bar. This year, it would be different. did it go, you ask?

It was a beautiful day. It was snowing and raining, and there were all sorts of people everywhere. Grandy looked every bit the part of the professional snow boarder in her snow outfit, holding her rented board, and rocking her shades. THAT, fair reader, was the end of her skills.

Grandy invented a new olympic sport. I'm sure nobody has heard of it. NO ONE!!

Snow Butting.

Grandy went down the entire hill (oh yeah, because the guy teaching me didn't want to hike the 1/4 mile to the bunny slope so we were on a "blue diamond" hill) on her rear. Slid down. The entire way. On her BUTT!!!!!!!

The only thing that DIDN'T hurt Grandy the next day? Yep!! Her butt!!

Good times folks!! Good times!!!


The Mother said...

Nah, not new.

I've competed for years.

Joyce-Anne said...

Been there, done it too. I love the way you tell a story, though. Thanks for the chuckle (and bringing up old memories).

bowsandsparrows said...

Don't sell yourself short - you were an amazing snow butt-er!!

Grandy said...

Mother~ Hahaha!!! You're a PRO and wouldn't be allowed in the Olympics then. :)

JA~ Usually good for something like that.

Bows~ GIRL!! You were on your feet WAY more than I was. LOL