Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Yearly Recap

It's that time of year when Grandy receives letters from her friends that talk all about the year they've had. We love getting these letters as a recap from friends, and although we know some of it is friggin' crap bragging a bit embelished, it is still nice to get these updates. Without these, we might not ever be able to keep track of exactly what Tommy is doing in his Freshman wrestling team.

Well now it's time to put a fun spin on these holiday letters. Who's game??

Dear Family & Friends;

Wow! It's hard to believe that 2008 is already coming to a close. This year has been great for our family! Where should we begin

Uncle Louie finally found his teeth, which helps because he and Aunt Laverne won't have to share hers anymore. Praise Jesus!

Our kids, Leroy, Linus, and the twins, Larry and Larnell are all doing real good. They are all on schedule to graduate the 5th grade together this year. We're really crossing our fingers that Leroy makes it this time. He'll be old enough to drive this year, and that would really help if he could drive his brothers around more, especially with the new baby due in the spring.

Oh yeah! I didn't mention that! Leroy Sr., the love of my life, has been doing real real good. He's been allowed more congi- cong- um- er- one-on-one visits with me at the prison, and we finally have a girl due in the spring. Leroy says it's on account a him being the bitch for a change, that's how he made a girl. Either way, I'm real excited for little miss Lucille to join our family soon.

I've been real fortunate at work. We had a biker convention roll through town and I got all kinds of overtime at the mini-mart. Some of them even tipped me on account I'm pregnant and working through the holidays. That pregnancy card sure can come in handy over the holidays.

Well, I better wrap this up so I can go and wrap the kids' presents. I'm sure you won't tell them, but I got them each their own toothbrushes this year. They will so like not having to share that anymore. I also got them some baseball cards at a yard sale. I don't recognize any of the players, and I can't say any of their names, but the boys love their baseball so I'm sure they'll like 'em.

I hope you all have a great 2009. I'm sorry I don't bother to write or call throughout the year until now. It's only cuz...well you know... I don't really like y'all anyway.

Yours truly,



phd in yogurtry said...

Do you give tutorials? I've got a few letter writing relatives I'd like to refer....

Suzanne said...

I love it!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's the Jerry Springer family Christmas letter!

Bridge said...

I hate these things as well. My mother-in-law sent one out with something written about us in it.


Talina said...

I never write those crappy letters to people during the holidays!

Mine would read:
This year sucked, we are in a recession can't afford a home, blah, blah... Nobody cares anyway so I just don't even try.

I send a nice card and a few sentences wishing them well. I am lazy.

Mrs. F said...

Bwahaha. Baby number five will be such a blessing.

Joyce-Anne said...

I think phd in yogurtry is on to something. I think you should freelance during holiday time. Write those family letters for people who want to send them but don't have the inclination or the writing ability to do so. I'd hire you in a nano-second.

Roxy's Best Of... said...


Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs and taking the time to comment. I've actually lost track of how many blogs I have, partly because I don't know whether to count Roxy's Best Of as one or fifty.

Happy Holidays!

Travis said...


Momisodes said...

Seriously, I've never understood those letters. I mean, what if you send them every year and then suddenly you have a really crummy year. What do you say? "Um...we're jobless and poor. Merry Christmas!" :)

April said...

Awesome! LOL I need to write one of those.

The Hawg! said...

Grandy, that letter touched me truly. I'm overcome with emotion and such.

Beautiful. Just plain beautiful...

Mike Golch said...

good posting.

Anonymous said...

Yeehaw. Maybe those early years of toothbrush sharing led to the elderly years of denture sharing.

Oh, I'm so glad to have never received nor sent such letters. I had a friend one year beg me to allow him to tell his mom we were dating so she could put it in their family letter, in turn getting his family off his back already about finding a girl. Poor guy.

Grandy said...

Phd~ I hadn't thought of tutorials.

Suzanne~ Thanks!

Jenn~ Oh know he was in my brain.

Bridge~ /sigh/ is right!

Talina~ That does NOT make you lazy. It makes you thoughtful. Grandy is lazy.

Grandy said...

Mrs. F~ I know! I'll make sure you get an invite to the baby shower. We're going to hold it at the bowling alley.

Joyce-Anne~ That would be great! I can write trash for fun. :)

Roxy~ Yeah...that best of blog looks like a big undertaking.

Travis~ :)

Grandy said...

Momisodes~ That about sums it up.

April~ Do make sure I get a copy if you do send one.

Hawg~ *blushing* Aw shucks!

Mike~ THANKS!!

CurbSquirrel~ You've never gotten a letter? REALLY? Hmmmm...and here it is too late to get one in to the mail to you now.

LadyJava said...

Merry Christmas Grandy.. and a Happy New Year to you and yours!!!


Monica said...

Hi Grandy! Merry Christmas to you & your family!

Grandy said...

LJ~ Thanks lady! I'm glad you stopped by.

Monica~ I must learn how to do a linky in the comments. Thanks for your awards over there. ;)