Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brilliant People in the World

Grandy has blessed this part of the world with many stories of blithering idiots. In fact, Grandy has even shared some "not-so-proud" moments she has executed. In fact, early on in this blogger's hobby, she shared this story with you all. *sigh*

It's a wonder anyone still puts up with Grandy, but I almost think people will wonder what they'll miss if they don't.

There have been opportunities to focus on those that are FAR smarter than this Grandy. Remember when we hosted the Sunday Stalker series? That was fun, and filled with MANY people with varying skills that far outweighed that of Grandy. I was truly humbled to learn of all the different people that stalk follow this site. As a matter of fact, the guilt sometimes really gets me when I have been remiss in keeping this site as active as I should. (It will get better people...really)

In the spirit of trying to highlight someone smart for a change (don't worry, there are no "People of Walmart" in this feature), Grandy would like to introduce you to Michael Day. Grandy has not personally met Michael Day herself...yet...but she feels like she knows him because she works with his beautiful sister-in-law. You can just tell that these are GOOD people...and Grandy digs that.

Michael Day is currently competing in the GE Ecomagination Challenge. He has come up with a Combined Cooling and Energy Storage invention that looks really top notch. Grandy is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and some of the analogies are a little lost on her, but you know it's not very often that we get on this site and say CHECK THIS OUT!!! But when someone so brilliant comes up with such a great idea...when that brilliant someone is in my Kevin Bacon 6-degrees of separation...and when I think there is a genuine chance for making a difference...Grandy will tell you to CHECK THIS OUT NOW!!

Michael is competing with other brilliant ideas all over the world. Grandy has brilliant readers all over the world. We could make this work folks!!

Let's CHECK THIS OUT and go VOTE for Michael!! If you do check it out, please stop by and let us know your thoughts. If you like his idea enough...please share it on your blog and link back to it. We would love to support your blog in this adventure as well.

Grandy will track how far this momentum can carry. It will be good to get back into the blogging community on a more regular basis any way. What better way to re-join the community than to tell two friends...and they tell two friends...and so on, and so on...

Thanks for your support gang!!

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