Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WTF Wednesday - TEENS

It's happening folks.

We are almost two months into Freshman year of high school, and my son has lost his mind. Don't get me wrong, I am proud of him almost every day. He kinda does his chores, tries hard at boy scouts, and is not really studying.

Ok...Surely I jest.

He does have a very full class schedule, with difficult classes at the high school. He is very active with boy scouts. And of course there is football. SO MANY ADJUSTMENTS!!!

Usually by the end of summer, Fubby was teasing Ty about his brain becoming a puss bucket because he hasn't been "using" it during summer. I'm afraid somehow, part of that stuck.

Did you do your homework? - Yes
Did you get credit for your homework? - ::Shrug::

Where are your Spanish Flash Cards? - ::I sit and watch him literally pull out tiny squares of paper he had turned into flash cards::
What are those? - Flash Cards!
What does this one say? - ::Shrug::

How did your test go? - I think I did well.
What was it on? - ::Shrug::

Can we reverse time?

How did my boy go from this...?

To THIS...?

Oh dear me!! He is a great and wonderful boy, and I thoroughly hanging out with him and his friends. I am fortunate that he and his friends even still want us around. Mind you I am hardly delusional that I don't know for a moment some of those times they want us around involves either a ride somewhere, or food of some sort, but we all have the MOST fun together.

However (and this is a note for my Lil' Man) at the rate of "adjustment" period we've facing with this High School thing, we will be lucky if either of us lives to see the day he sees his driver's permit. We still have a YEAR for that, and I don't count on my kidney or liver holding up that long at this rate.




Mike Golch said...

you will make parents did.

songbird's crazy world said...

Yes, i remember those days of freshman adjustments. a very wise social studies teacher told me "first they have to find their high school identity, their place in the social strata. then they settle down and do their academic work."