Monday, August 11, 2008

A Note to 18 Year-Old Self

This post comes to you via inspiration from Shamelessly Sassy who wrote Letter to Myself at 18.

What a GREAT IDEA!! I am now 36, I've officially been 18 twice now. In fact, hubby keeps teasing me that he's going to trade me in on two 18 year old models with warranties. Sorry Hubs! You bought this babe as is.

Dear Self~

I know you think you've got everything under control, but listen here...YOU DON'T. Whatever you do...DO NOT decide to stay at home and go to a Junior College, so you can stay behind with your uninspired "fiancee". You don't believe me now, but the loser will leave in 6 months to go live with his Mommy in Texas. Then you're stuck.

You're not going to listen to me, I know. But try and pay attention to these things. They may not make sense now...but they will.

- When you're at that that little wagon wheel hotel...the cops are NOT there for you. Do NOT let everyone jump out the bathroom window, and dump all that beer. It will be a waste, and you will sprain your ankle.

- Yes, the boy at that fraternity party IS that into you...and he IS fun. Go for it!!

- DO NOT let David drive you to New York!!! Don't! Follow.your.gut!!

- Yes...there IS a way to have a baby without the man being involved. You can and WILL do it. You will kick a$$ and take many names in the process too.

Remember what's important to you...Your family.

They will make you crazy, make you sick, and make you proud. You will not understand why your parents do what they do, but ask yourself this, "Does it matter?" You know how they stood by you when you really needed them.

As a parent now, I know how difficult it difficult I was...on them. and respect yourself FIRST!! I'm counting on you!!




Bridge said...

I love it. I think I will do this myself one day. I have so many should have dones.

Mike Golch said...

verry interesting.but silly!-Arti Johnson.(From Laugh-In)

Suzanne said...

That's such a cool idea! :)

Mrs. F said...

Hahaha, whatever you do-----don't dump the beer!!!!!!!

I went and saw a counselor at the college today. He showed me my transcripts. I think I would tell my 18 year old self to stick with school, because in 11 years when she (I) sees her (my) permanent record from college, she (I) will be quite disappointed. (((I mean seriously, could I have wasted any more money on expensive books and dropping classes? Yeah, I guess if I went to a University, but still. c'mon)))

Joyce-Anne said...

I love the idea...I keep thinking I should do a similar type letter for each of my 3 little ones.

Sandy C. said...

Brilliant. "DO NOT decide to stay at home and go to a Junior College.."- Yup. That would be in my letter, too.

Such a great idea for a post!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Love it!

Channah said...

Ooph, a sprained ankle and no beer to nurse your wounded pride with? That's bad.
What a great post! said...

Love it. Absolutely love it.

You sound like loads of fun - it's a good thing we didn't go to school together coz I bet we could've torn into ALL kinds of trouble. ;)

P.S. Welcome to the KAB Club!

Grandy said...

Bridge~ Let me know when you do...I'd love to see it!

Mike~ Laugh In makes me smile. ;)

Suzanne~ I thought I "borrowed" it.

Mrs. F~ But hey...You went back and that's what counts!!

Joyce-Anne~ I've actually written some notes to my boy. I'll have to read them.

Grandy said...

Sandy~ It's that 20/20 hindsight again. ;)

Jenn~ Thanks!!

Channah~ You have NO IDEA.

MammaDawg~ Come back tomorrow and you'll see club registration. ;)

April said...

What a fun idea! I'd be SCARED to sti down and write mine out! LOL

hasta pasta said...

Wagon Wheel you bring back such memories. I remember it like yesterday, we had to do RECON and go back there and get you. I remember like yesterday. Then we had to play it off like we were walking down the street. Hotel party? What hotel party?

Grandy said...

April~ Don't be a chicken. :)

Hasta~ I thought of you when I wrote that part my friend. What a hoot!! We won't get into how we ended that night. Something about your dad coming to get us?? ;)