Thursday, August 16, 2012


Grandy is CRANKY!!  Foul foul mood indeed.  I want to put myself in time-out.

A clear sign that Grandy needs a time-out is when the following conversations take place:

Him #1:  When you're done typing away over there, come see me.
Me:  Well since I have enough work to last me 3 years, I am guessing you might forget what you wanted to tell me by then so...tell me now.

Me: Do you have time to do this today?  I need it ASAP.
Her: Could you tell me what my deadline is?
Me:  How do I translate ASAP into minutes again?

Him#2: Please tell her I will be attending.
Me:  I did. In the email you actually responded to.
Him#2: Oh, I must not have actually read it all.

Me:  I haven't heard from you responding to my email requests.
Schmuck#1:  How long have you been trying?
Me:  6 weeks
Schmuck#1: Ohhhh...yeahhhhh...ya see.  We have been real busy and short staffed.  Could you send me another email?
Me:  And what should I put on THIS email that would trigger a response?
Schmuck#1:  How about URGENT?
Me:  How about "Bad Faith Lawsuit Pending"...will that work?

As I re-live these moments to share them here, I giggle.  I suppose I am not ready to be completely committed just yet, because as long  as I can still find the humor (regardless of if I can laugh at the time or not) I might still have a fighting chance.

Xanax anyone??  :-)

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debrakathleen said...

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