Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WTF Wednesday - Say it in a card

Really? Has it been 2 weeks since Grandy showed her face (or shall I say her urinal) on this blog? My my my... Grandy must get better at such things. She has missed you all.

Grandy has been busy sounding like a broken record lately. I thought about posting an apology, but then...blech...why bother. You get it.

As I thought about what I might say in my apology post, I was reminded that I had some great words of sorrow from the dear folks at Hallmark. It's true, that there truly is a card for everything.

Check out these beautiful sentiments...

My tire was thumping.
I thought it was flat
When I looked at the tire...
I noticed your cat.

Heard your wife left you,
How upset you must be.
But don't fret about it...
She moved in with me.

Congratulations on your promotion.
Before you go...
Would you like to take this knife out of my back?
You'll probably need it again.

So your daughter's a hooker,
and it spoiled your day.
Look at the bright side,
it's really good pay

Oh yeah folks...THAT is a bad day at Hallmark. However, it's things like this that give Grandy good material...and great giggles.

Happy WTF!!


Joyce-Anne said...

I'd buy those

Staci said...

The thing is I'd buy those cards before I'd buy the soupy ones. I hate soupy cards. My dad always gives me these soupy ones about what a great daughter I am or how much he loves me. They make me want to puke. My mom never got me that kind. Unlike my dad, she actually knew me. She knew I was more of Shoebox greetings kind of girl. I like funny and sarcasm. I don't like soupy.

Maybe all of us non-Hallmark types ought to ban together and start our own card company. We already have 4 cards right there.

onthecurb said...

Ha, I love each of those. I have a story about a cat under a brick, but oh dear, I've said too much already. :-/

Thanks for the chuckles.