Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blogging from the Airport

Hello everybody!!

Coming to you live, and yet remote, from the Sacramento Airport.

Yes...I's been 2 weeks since Grandy has posted anything. Even longer since there's been a post of "substance". Oh well. No apologies from me (even to those friends who stalk me and remind me how much I suck for not spreading my words).

Sitting at the airport is always so much fun for me. I often sit and watch people and wonder what their story is.

Across from me, there is a 40-ish guy with a HIDEOUS Hawaiian shirt...halfway unbuttoned, with what looks like a shag carpet sticking out from his chest. My thought here is either...YOU MUST BE SINGLE...or...someone please take a Dyson to that thing!

Behind me there is a group of young ladies traveling together. They must be traveling on business because the conversation is cheerful, yet superficial. Some of the questions asked, "Are you still married?" is not something that true friends would have to ask each other. But seriously, do we ALL have to hear about all the remote locations each one got married at, and HOW WONDERFUL each one was? My guess...auditioning for the new reality series, "Housewives from the Hood".

Older couple traveling together. All I can say is C-U-T-E!! Their roles have probably not changed in 40 years together. He walks 10 feet ahead of her, with his eyes open. He spots two open seats next to each other and clears the way.

Older gentleman with the neck brace, cane, and a cast. Call me cynical....but PLEASE don't let this guy sit next to me. I do not need to hear about how it all happened. REALLY!!!

Oooohhh...this could be good readers. Imagine this with me, as I live it. Nice looking guy in a suit, visiting with beautiful blond who OBVIOUSLY wants to sit by herself. He's trying. He really is. I feel for the guy, but really want to lean over and say, "Excuse me? But she's just NOT that into you."

More adventures from the road to follow!! Too much fun to be had.

Have a good WTF everybody!!!

~~ Grandy


Vixen said...

Watching people in airports has always been a favorite thing of mine. Really, I mean that. I find it highly entertaining.

Momisodes said...

I love this idea Grandy! People watching is always so much fun. So glad to hear from you, even if you're busy on the road :)

Joyce-Anne said...

With my oldest child being only 8 and the other two 6 and 3--that's the only people watching I do these days.

Mike Golch said...

correect me if I'm wrong,wasn't Mather AFB turned into a civian airport as well.that would give you 2 airports.

onthecurb said...

People watching in the Age of the Blogger makes me paranoid. Anytime I see someone in a coffee shop or elsewhere pecking away on a laptop or what have you as they look around the room, I suck in my gut and try to look as un-blog-worthy as possible. ;-)

My people watching in Panera recently, I sat near an older couple who, like your older couple, have probably been together 40 years or more. They never said a word throughout the entire meal. Then he races out of the restaurant just as she puts the last bite of food in her mouth. She didn't even seemed perturbed. Just nonchalantly got her things together, swigged her drink, and sauntered out to meet him on the sidewalk.

Watch out, people! We're watching and we're blogging! :-)