Sunday, April 11, 2010

To those fighting the battle of Unemployment...

As I sit here, on a Sunday night dreading my week ahead of me with my job, I'm reminded of my many dear friends and colleagues out there that maybe don't have a job to go to tomorrow, or the next day, or even next week.

Grandy-land went through this struggle ourselves over the last year, and it's NOT fun. I didn't write about this at the time, because it was something so painfully close to my heart over the last year, that it wasn't until now that I could even express it.

Last year, on my birthday, my husband's truck broke. As an owner-operator truck driver, who works very hard to keep things moving on the road, it was devastating for him...and for us. After 10 months of struggles, he began a job working for someone, in a different field. It's not what he WANTS to do, but he does it to help the family.

Since that time, several of my friends have also lost their jobs. I have witnessed many bloggers struggle with their own battles of employement (or lack thereof) as well as their spouses. It's everywhere, and it's not something that is easy for me to talk about.

I KNOW...Grandy, at a loss for words? Wonder where I've been in the bloggy world lately?

Well, although our personal situation is going to get better, we have many friends who continue their struggle. And this blog post is for them. You are not forgotten. I know that you put your heart out there with every resume submission, every job interview, and with every call. It is crushing to not get the job.

Many of you became unemployed only because your position was eliminated, not because you were incapable of doing your job. And yet now you go to all these interviews with many others in the same boat.

What makes it harder for you?

The lack of response.
The path of hope you go down, only to be headed off at the pass.
The uncertainty of how long you can keep trying.
The worse uncertainty of how long this will last.

Please know that those of us with the jobs have not forgotten or forsaken you. When layoffs happen, there is often a lot more work piled on those left behind, and nobody feels they can complain.

To my dear friend who inspried this post...know how much I want you to find something soon, and we are cheering for you. You're doing everything you can to stay positive. I get it.

Hang in there everybody. There has to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I can't control the economy, or even pretend I know what each of you is feeling, but I hope you know that there are those of us out there that "get it" and truly want the best for you.


Mara said...

I agree and I've been there and felt crushed for not being able to get the job.

The first few months after my college graduation, I enjoyed doing "nothing". Slept all day, blogged, stay online, run some errands for my Mom, and basically have a lot of free time for myself.

A month before my "unemployment" , I decided to apply and send out my resumes to every company I want to work for. At first I was excited everytime I get a phone call for an interview and for a second and a third and finally not hear from them again. Or sometimes, I won't get any phone calls at all. It disappointing at first but I know I still have lots to go and that I still have time. I was wrong. I run out of companies to apply to (at least ones that I really like) and after 2 years of constantly sending out resumes, attending interviews and feeling sad and disappointed afterwards, I decided to stop for a while and try my luck online.

I was fortunate to have landed a fulltime freelance job. It doesn't pay that high but it helps me get by each month.

Still hoping and looking for something better but for the meantime, I'll have to enjoy doing this.

Suzanne said...

Amen, sister.

Little did I know that when I lost my job almost two years ago, it would lead me to my dream of returning to school.

Sure, things are beyond tight financially, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I wish for the same for each person out there.

Mike Golch said...

been there don that many times in my life.I am glad that I am where I am today.I keep every one that is unemplyed in my prayers that they find something that they need.

Joyce-Anne said...

It seems we all know someone who's been through unemployment. Thanks for sharing this touching and very real story. I hope and pray things improve for your friend.