Thursday, June 25, 2009

Classic Clouds

Grandy gets a lot of funnies in her email. Only some of them get shared here.

This one...I could NOT resist. With all the heaviness going on in my head and heart lately, this one SO FITS ME lately. I LOVE IT!!!

If you walk out of your house and see this staring back at you...


This is a sign your day will be HOSED!!!


Lee Beth said...

Wow really awesome picture

Suzanne said...

I love it!

Wiggy said...

haha great stuff Grandy. I seem to be getting a load of funny emails through at the minute, and seem to share more of them than my life experiences at the moment haha

Renie Burghardt said...

If I saw that first thing in the morning, I would definitely go back to bed! Haha. Great shot!

Have a lovely weekend, funny lady!



The Mother said...

Photoshop is so D**N cool.

Joyce-Anne said...

I've seen this one, but thoroughly enjoyed seeing it again.

onthecurb said...

Ha! Love it! Seems the clouds are always flippin' me the bird as well, dearie. We'll show those airy bastards. (are clouds actually airy? doubtful. but "visible masses" just doesn't sound right.)

Grandy said...

Lee Beth~ Thanks! I didn't take it though. ;)

Suzanne~ I thought you might.

Wiggy~ I've noticed you've been sharing your email humor. :D

Renie~ Thanks lady!!

Grandy said...

Mother~ Isn't it?

Joyce-Anne~ Glad to give you a smile. :)

Curb Squirrel~ Damn airy bastards is about right.