Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Stalker Spotlight - Momisodes

When Grandy first started blogging, there was this sweet girl that kept poking her head in and out, leaving encouraging or funny comments. You know her by the cute smiling pic in her comments. If you have commented on Grandy's blog EVER, you have seen her.

We met at NaBloNoMo (or something like that) and have been bloggy buddies ever since. She even let me guest post over at her site HERE. Silly sucker Sweet Thing! Her blog has recently undergone an overhaul, and let me tell you...It looks AMAZING!!! A genuine person, a talented photographer, and a crazy real-life MOM, this lady juggles it all.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Sandy Momisodes. You will love her! I promise!! I know I do!!!

**Your Blog(s): - Wow. I guess I'm pretty lame. I only have 1 blog ( I am also a contributor for in their local Boston group. Why do I all of a sudden feel like I'm standing up in front of everyone without pants on now?

**How long have you been blogging?: - I published my very first entry about two years ago. But don't read it. It's not good. Plus, I think I took a hack saw to most of my archives a few months ago.

**WHY do you blog?: - Writing has always been an outlet for me. Almost cathartic. So I created my blog as a personal space where I could document my life as a woman and mother, totally unscripted.

**What does your blog say about you?: - Hopefully that I'm not that boring, and that I am doing the best I can in life.

**What is your favorite part about blogging?: - To be honest. I often feel as if no one listens to me. It's been that way for most of my life. Me, just a meek Chinese girl with no real emotions, backbone, or opinion. So the best part about blogging is that it gives me a voice. A place where I can put it all in black and white, and make it as powerful or humorous as I want. Best of all, I'm finding that people out there do listen, and friendships and bonds can be made as a result.

**What DON'T you like about blogging?: - It can turn into a heavy addiction. Although it is an incredible release to write, read, and receive feedback, there are times when I feel as if I've become sucked into a black hole (don't ask me how many social networks I'm a member of) and it consumes my life.

**How often do you blog?: - For a year, I participated in Blog365 (a.k.a Blog360Suicide) and blogged daily. Now I try to post about 3-5 times a week.

**Do you comment?: - When I first discovered the blogosphere, I lurked. I visited blogs regularly, but never had the courage to write a comment. It was intimidating. Especially after reading some of the other clever, witty commentators. However, after I started my own blog, I remember how it felt to receive my first comment. The concrete evidence that someone else out there took the time to read my writing, and share their own experiences and thoughts. It was such a rush. Since then, I've instilled a rule that if I read a post, I must comment.

**Does your family know you blog?: - *sigh* If ONLY someone would have grabbed my face in their hands in the beginning and said, “Sandy, don't do it. Don't tell ANYONE about your blog. You'll regret it!” I would be in a better place. A place where I could blog freely about family members. Oh, the blog fodder would be endless. But then again, perhaps it is for the best. No one really wants to read endless strings of obscenities. It would be like watching Jerry Springer, in text.

**What's your favorite thing to do when you are NOT blogging?: - At this time, I am the main caretaker of my 3-year old daughter, so there is little room outside of blogging and folding laundry. But if I'm REAL lucky, I get to bask in the glory of a 5-minute shower or pee break...with the door closed...alone. Sans toddler. It's all about the simple things.

...And Grandy's favorite question to ask ALL stalkers...

**Tell us more about YOU:

In a nutshell, I’m a typical career mom turned work-at-home, turned stay-at-home. I worked for years as a traveling neonatal nurse- moving, saving babies, and holding my bladder for endless stretches of time. Now I’ve unpacked my bags in Boston, and occasionally use my stethoscope to plug my ears as a stay-at-home mom.

My husband (Dadisodes- aka video game creator/geek extraordinaire) and I have an amazing 3-year old girl (Babisodes) that looks nothing like me. Many claim that I was just an oven, but I assure you, she is mine and my DNA is there.

Please feel free to follow my episodic nonsense at

Thank you, Sandy, for being a faithful stalker of Functional Shmunctional. Thank you for your openness and honesty, both in your blog and here. I truly value what you share.

Congratulations on your upcoming feature for the Mommy Blogger Award!!

You rocked every vote!!!


Momisodes said...

Thank you so much, Grandy!

It is such honored to be featured here. I adore you (as you know) and your blog. You are one of the original bloggers I met at NaBloPomo! This was a blast :)

Thanks again!

Momisodes said...

Oy. I mean, "It is such AN HONOR..."

Sheesh. Can you tell I didn't have coffee today?

Vixen said...

Another lovely 'episode' of Sunday stalker. Thanks Grandy. And nice to meet you Momisodes.

Christina said...

Hi Momisodes! Yes, I've always loved seeing your beautiful picture next to your comments.

I love the way you describe yourself as the meek Chinese girl with no emotions or opinion or backbone. Wow. What an image. The love of my life is the oldest male in a Chinese family and having been exposed to the culture so deeply over the last 10 years I can only say "oh yeah, I get where you are coming from!"

I love your site and promise to drop by more often.

sheila said...

lol, found you through Momisodes! Sandy is so sweet. And funny. Luv that blog!

Deanna said...

She's beautiful and hilarious. Her recent "Ack! Nothing to post about today - oops, let's talk about my trip to the GYN" had me about peeing my pants.
OB/GYN stories always remind me of the time I was in for a 6 week post-natal visit, and looking down at my compromised state of dress, I saw a tick crawling across my stomach. HUH?!? Oh, forgot - the day before, hubby and I had been "picnicking" at a nearby semi-private lake.
Thank goodness it was crawling and not implanted anywhere!

Mike Golch said...

Great posting.Momisodes is a great read for me as well.I hope that you are having a great weekend.

Patsy said...

Grandy, I'm a regular visitor of Sandy --- this was an amazing interview. You asked the good questions and she gave truthful answers. Kudos to you both. :)

I love it when Sandy comments on my humble blog. It's like a ray of sunshine just filled the room.

Tara R. said...

Great interview of a wonderful woman. I have enjoyed Momisodes for a long time now. She is amazing.

Karen MEG said...

I met Sandy at NaBloPoMo too and have been hooked ever since. Wonderful spotlight... good choice!

Alicia said...

That was great, Sandy!!! Loved reading your answers!

I love your blog!

Joyce-Anne said...

I found Momisodes originally through your blog, Mary. I always thought her comments were insightful and funny. Thanks for a great interview.

A Buns Life said...

I love Sandy! She is so sweet and honest in her writing which is what attracted me to her blog in the first place. I stay because she continues to keep it real.

Sharon said...

I just recently "met" Sandy and LOVE her blog! I'm always tuning in hoping that she's posted something! She's a total crack up! :)

Jessi said...

I already loved her and have been reading for at least a year or more, although I don't know her personally. I like the new look she has going on, too. <3

Hockeyman said...

Momisodes is one of my favorite blogs to read, aside from my own, and now I have a new site to add to my reader!

CaraBee said...

Great interview! I can't imagine trying to blog every day for a year. Yikes!

Dejoni said...

So glad you posted on sweet Sandy so I could get to know your site!

Suzanne said...

I also 'met' Sandy through NaBloMe. She's such a great supporter of fellow bloggers. :) Thanks for featuring her this week!

Grandy said...

Sandy~ I am the whone who is honored. Thanks lady!! I'm sorry for the couple glitches we had at first. You RAWKED the interview...and Grandy has some work to do before she catches up with Diane Sawyer, I suppose.

Thanks again!!

Grandy said...

Vixen~ Thanks for your support!!

Christina~ You won't be sorry you did stop by. ;)

Sheila~ ME TOO!! Glad you stopped by.

Deanna~ Oh MY!! You are cracking me up now! :)

Mike~ I did, thank you!

Grandy said...

Patsy~ Thanks so much!! I appreciate your kind words, and am glad you liked the interview.

Tara~ She is a great subject to interview, isn't she?

Karen~ Thanks!!

Alicia~ Mine or hers? ;) Thanks to both...on behalf of Sandy.

Joyce-Anne~ You are SO right on with that, Mama. Thanks!!

Grandy said...

Bun's Life~ She is real INDEED.

Sharon~ I like her rants!! ;)

Jessi~ I KNOW!! It's WAY COOL!!

Hockeyman~ Well thank you!!! :D

Dory said...

You are making such positive blog Karma. You rock, woman!


Grandy said...

CaraBee~ It's NUTS!! I remember her hanging on at the end. She needed a "rest".

Dejoni~ Well thank you!! I love her too!!

Suzanne~ That she is!! Very supportive. :D

Grandy said...

Dory~ I didn't see you sneak in there! ;)

ceemee said...

Glad you featured Momisodes, I love her blog.

I also found you through Momisodes, when you guest posted at her blog. ;-)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Sandy is such an amazing and loyal friend! She has a great blog, too. I just love her! I came over from her blog. =)

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

I really loved her answers. They were funny and honest. Great photo collage as well.

You did a great job on this week's Sunday Stalker Spotlight.

Grandy said...

Ceemee~ I think I remember ya vaguely. Glad to see ya again. :)

DysFUNctional~ Thanks for stopping by! LOVE the name!! ;)

Maria~ Thanks lady!!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Great interview! Wish I had thought to interview Momisodes. Luv her!

Mariposa said...

I love this stalker too! ;)

Angela said...

I'll have to say - nice to meet you Grandy because I met you from Momisodes. Great interview!

Grandy said...

Holly~ You still can!! :)

Mariposa~ Thanks for stopping by!!

Angela~ It's nice to meet you too!! Hope to see you around! ;)