Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snow Day

Here is a picture I took from my cell phone this morning. It's a picture taken from my front door.

When I got home from work yesterday there wasn't much left on the ground from the other day. Then as I walked in the door it started DUMPING!

It's a good thing today was my day to work remote from home. :)

I'm thankful that I live in an area where I want to take pictures, and not just of the rednecks.


dkuroiwa said...

I've been away from snow like that for so long I'm not sure HOW I feel about it. Oh's beautiful...but...the cooooollllld. Not sure I can do the cold anymore!!
SO glad you got the stuff!!
Any questions? Just ask!

phd in yogurtry said...

that snow sure is beautiful. if I had my way, I'd get one 12 inch snowfall per year. my kids could get an annual dose of sledding and snowmen and snowball fights. I remember, as a kid, building snow forts. so much fun! my kids have never made a decent snowball in texas. dang shame.

Matt Stratton said...

They're threatening us with snow this weekend. I'm kind of over it. It all finally melted out of my backyard last weekend...although since we just got a snowblower a couple of weeks ago, I suppose it would be a shame to not get to use it...

Kelly O said...

Oh my word, that's lovely.

songbird's crazy world said...

it's lovely, of course. but I've had enough snow, thankyouverymuch.

Joyce-Anne said...

Very pretty picture. Enjoy your snow and btw, you can keep it too. I'm done with winter's cold and the snow that came with it this year.

HastaPasta said...

A picture of peace.

Happy Frog's Day!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there! I think Debbie and I are on the same page.

Mariuca said...

"Stars are like friends; there's always some around, you just need to find your favourite one."

Happy Valentine’s Day from Wishing on a Falling Star

Christina said...

You can tell I live in San Diego because my first thought was "cool!!"

Glad you are home so that you don't have to deal with driving in it!


Momisodes said...

Wow! I can see why you like taking photos there. What a beautiful landscape. Although, I am so ready Spring these days.

Emily Retherford said...

Wow- I would say it's beautiful, but seeing how we just got rid of it the other day I'll have to say it's better you than me! I'm ready for spring!

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Anonymous said...

I WISH our snow was down to a dusting like this. It'll be April before we see any grass again

Grandy said...

DK~ I do have questions on a couple...I'll hook up with you. YOU ROCK THO!!

PhD~ Yes but there is a different kind of fun in Texas. ;)

Matt~ That's looking at it positively!

Kelly O~ Thanks!!

Grandy said...

Songbird~ Me to too.

Joyce-Anne~ See how you are?

Hasta~ Back atcha my love!!

Jenn~ Me too. Can I come visit you in Sunny SD yet?

Grandy said...

Mariuca~ How sweet of you to think of me, my bloggy friend!!

Christina~ Just that day is all...I've been driving in it since.

Sandy~ You and me both! Spring is my favorite time of year!!!

Emily~ can appreciate it too...when in someone else's yard. ;)


Mrs. F said...

My sister in law lives in Shingle Springs and when she woke up the other day her 13 year old was dragging her 3 year old down the driveway on a sled.

What a fun treat!