Saturday, February 21, 2009

Heeeeeeeerrreeee's GRANDY!!

Welcome Readers One and ALL!!

Grandy picked up her laptop from her new boyfriends Geek Squad, and is back in business. I'm off to go finish my project that is due MONDAY, but you will be seeing me lurking back at your sites again. WooHoo!!!

Be afraid VERY afraid!!!


phd in yogurtry said...

me and shelly, we're shaking in the shower stall

Mike Golch said...

just don't hide behind the curtain! I hope that you are having a Grandy (pun) weekend!-mike g.said that(it's anA.A.thing)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I guess the Geek Squad figured out what would happen to them if they didn't come through on the fixing of the laptop!

Suzanne said...

Sweetie? I think you need to find yourself a good razor! :)

(I'm back in biz, too. The Geek Squad's neighbors rock it out!)

Grandy said...

PhD~ HAHA!!!

Mike~ Thanks Mike! I will come see what you're up to soon.

Jenn~ Good point! They did almost push it off a couple days but I begged due to my deadline.

Suzanne~ Party Dance Time!! :)

Joyce-Anne said...

Glad to hear you're baaaaaacccckkk!

Jude said...

Glad to see you're up and running again and getting back into action.

Anonymous said...

Two cheers for the resurrection of the laptop!

And, three cheers for those sexy (in a geeky sexy way, which, come on, is the best kind of sexy there is, right?) Geek Squad dudes. Meow, Curb Squirrel loves her some computer boys. ;-)

Grandy said...

Joyce-Anne~ Thanks girly!!

Jude~ Thanks for your patience in my absence. :)

Curb Squirrel~ Must comment on the cutie that helped me. ::sigh:: to be a kid again.

Mrs. F said...

hahaha. You are sooo creepy.