Monday, February 11, 2008

New Adventures Part 2 - Networking

Well readers, as part of my New Years resolution, I vowed to keep my blogging looking fresh and current. As you can see, I have some new very nice awards (psst...they're over there --> to the right --> somewhere --> Oh wait...scroll down a it there?) and I want to thank everyone who has graciously awarded me with any award, or tagged me with a meme. I know that by tagging me with a meme, you are secretly trying to suck me into your misery because some of you loathe memes so, but I actually like them. It's fun!!

Many of you don't realize, but I had started blogging as a hobby to help alleviate stress (doctor's orders) and have some laughs in the meantime. You all are incredible people, and I can't believe how much I think about you all during the day (and not like stalker kind of thoughts...ok but maybe just a couple of you).

Well, I've found a great new community and I'm excited to meet many more bloggers (because hubby just can't get enough of my blogging time). I've signed up for...

View my page on League of Extraordinary Wives

**ACK! Ignore the mug shot in the middle. I really tried to make it smaller than most, but alas... I'm too much of a novice at the picture thing**

This is a community started by Miss Fussy Fussypants where you can meet other cool blogging women. Let's face it, with the exception of Mike Golch, I believe all my readers (or at least my commenters) have been women. I do realize, however, that if you are indeed a male reader, this may not be the best blog post to "De-Lurk" yourself, but please comment on another post so I know you exist. Again...I digress.

Anywho, this community isn't that old and already seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. I'm quite impressed with the amount of preparation that's gone into this.

Being a part of this will help me for my new crazy goal. Oh, I didn't tell you about my new craziness? It's not a BloMe1363 commitment or anything, oh no, this one is all mine. I'm not sure why I came up with it (or even if it's new so I apologize now if there's a copy cat thing goin' on) but a while back I read 100 Posts and Articles I've Dubbed Worthy of a Little Link Love, written by Amy Derby. Back when I was still VERY NEW to blogging, she reminded me to celebrate the little victories. She did this with her 100th post.

Well today's post is officially Post #86 for me. I have to plan ahead, and I really would like to do something a little different for my 100th post. I'd like to post 100 comments in one day, on 100 blogs and be able to post linky love for each post. In order for me to do that, I'm going to have to get busy with some networking because I actually don't even know 100 blog sites. I don't want to randomly pick blog sites that are crap, well, for the obvious reason. I won't be a blog hussy and post just because, but I have to tell you. This would be UBER COOL.

Yep...that's my goal...ready to watch my journey of craziness? If you haven't left a comment before, now would sure be the time so I can get you in. You regulars know I love you, so do as you normally do...comment away.

This should be the post of all posts!!


Michele said...

Wow you sure have a LOT of work ahead of you! 86 posts already? You are a PRO!

So glad you're having fun (and reducing your stress)!


Dens said...

Wow, you're gonna be busy!! Definitely a reason for hubby to get you that laptop...hehehe
I have a long way to go to catch up with you..I think I still only have less than 20 posts. But I am promising YOU, my friend, that I will do better to post more...remember, I'm still learning how to do this.

I too, am trying to find new blogs and new blog friends.


Sandy C. said...

Ugh, I wish I were like you. Blogging has been giving me stress. Especially this Blog365 business....
At least this new site is a load of fun!
so glad to see you there!!!

Linda said...

Blogging to RELIEVE stress??!! Hmmm, well, OK, maybe its' not the blogging that's stressing me out, perhaps it's the grant writing and the pinched nerve and the .... well, you get my point. :) But it WAS you who told me to CHILL... or BREATHE... or something equally as wise, yet impossible!

Thank you for the moral support on the draining of my creative juices the other day ... a degree in theatre huh? I may have to tuck that little tidbit away for future use!

dkuroiwa said...

When I first started this whole blogging thing, I stressed myself out when I wouldn't post for a day or three or more. After apologizing to my handful of readers, a good friend told me a)quit apologizing and b) blogging should be for me...if someone reads what I have to say, then that's just a "bonus day". So with that in mind, I found myself wanting to post and the stress went away!!
Since doig this, I realize that I'm not sitting in front of the tv as much and have lost all contact with the people on House and CSI, but...that's okay...I'm doing what I want, in my time.

Keep up the good work, Grandy...I'm enjoying the heck out of your writing!! :-D

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Goals are good! Have fun getting there and don't let it stress you--that would definitely defeat the purpose.

Suzanne said...

Sounds like I missed my chance yesterday! 500 comments, lol.

Actually, even if you're not part of Blog 365, you can check out the members on there and easily find whatever your shortfall may be. If you've got friends participating, take a look at their friends lists.

(Word to the wise-Imaginary Binky knows EVERYONE there, so don't feel intimidated!)

When I can post what I want, blogging relieves my stress, too. I think I'm back to that purpose now (and no, she hasn't read since Thursday-guess she's afraid of what she'll find...)

Tina Coruth said...


I'm impressed that you are already at 86 posts and with your plans to make a 100 comments. Wow!

I'm also impressed with your new blog. You did a great job with the blog and posting your photo. Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the 100 comments goal! I'll keep my eyes open for my saucy comment from Grandy that day. :-)

Thanks for checking on me and wondering how I am. This sleep deprivation thing is totally kicking my ass. But, the twins are great as well as the rest of the gang. Waa, waa, I just want maybe 2 hours of sleep one night. Yes, that would be nice. Genie Grandy, can you grant me that wish? (psst, today's my birthday...all i want as a gift is that 2 hours of lame our lives have become when all we want as a "gift" is sleep)


Mike Golch said...

86 posts,wow I'm impressed.and thanks for the mention about me commenting.

Johnny Depp said...

I am one of your male readers. I came over here from Mrs. G's, so I'm delurking.

Grandy said...

Michele~ SO NOT A PRO!! But thanks for your kind words.

dens~ I know...Hubby has to agree to the laptop (especially since I will be having some serious down time soon).

Sandy~ I don't think it's the Blog365 that's causing you undue stress, but rather the whole moving into a new home, dealing with financing, packing, and being a mom thing.

Linda~ So glad I could help? :)

Grandy said...

dkuroiwa~ Yeah, hubby has noticed my relationship with all things Law & Order has weakened.

Jenn~ I agree, and thanks for the reminder. How's the juggling?

Suzanne~ So...if I search out Imaginary Binky, she'll know what I should do?

Tina~ It's going to take some doing...but I'm going to try!

CurbSquirrel~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm on my way over with my magic wand (and snifter of whisky) to help you celebrate and SLEEP!!

Mike~ Of course I would send some link love your way!!

Grandy said...

And Johnny ;) ~ I had to post just a special comment for you!! I'm wishing I had Mrs. G's phone number right about now so I could call her and share my glee at your visit. Thanks for stopping by indeed!!!

Nora Bee said...

That's ambitious, and a great idea. Looking forward to seeing your picks.

Michele said...

Oh, I just noticed your new profile photo, Mary! LOVE the pink tones. :-)

Happy Valentine's Day!