Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Have you ever Googled yourself??

Well, having earned my degree in Theatre Arts, I quite often Google my old college friends to see what they are up to. I'm proud to say that many of them are doing quite well in their varying occupations.

So...what do I get when I Google "Grandy"?

Well we HAVE to start with Dear Ol' Fred Grandy. I am always asked if I am of relation to him, and I have to say, "Nope, not a Gopher!" Having married into this name, I can't say I've ever asked.

I didn't even know there were GRANDY OATS??? Who needs fiber? That's Grandy, she'll make you a regular something alright!!

Oh yea, and how could I forget this place? I have only ever eaten at this fine dining establishment BEFORE I met my husband. Now there's not one near me so I can even steal (ahem) "Borrow" a menu. How cool would that be to just give it to the Hubby and Ty with a note attached..."Self Serve"? Very cool indeed!!!

Wait...Do you see their motto on this sign??

Maybe there is a relation there???


Christina said...

LOL! I love that motto!

Michele said...

You are always SO hilarious! Gotta luv ya!


Karen H. said...

Good Morning Grandy,
I do love the Motto. I wonder what they would do if you handed them a menu with that on it? LOL. I have never googled myself before. I may have to try that sometime. Who knows, I may be related to someone rich and famous. NOT. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

krissy said...

Ha, Ha, Ha! Hot, fast and friendly! That was the best blog I have seen today!

I just luv ya! You are a flipping hoot!!!

Mike Golch said...

Grandy,i really got a kick out of the motto.And yes I have googled myself.I came up with some really interesting stuff.I even was able to pull me nane uup as a realtor.
I hope that you are haveing a great day.

Grandy said...

Christina~ Glad you like!!

Michele~ Love ya back!!

Karen~ Try googling yourself but put your name in " ".

Krissy~ With the way you make me laugh, I am honored.

Mike~ So in a parallel universe somewhere you were a realtor, huh??

dkuroiwa said...

Okay...so I read your blog last night and something stuck in my head about "Grandy's" (the place to eat!)and I couldn't figure out what it was......
And about 3:30 this afternoon, it dawned on me....biscuits. They used to have the biggest, bestest biscuits....oh so very yummy!!!
I may have to get up early and cook me up some tomorrow!!! :-D
Oh..and BTW....I was pretty fond of Gopher...he was such a geeky guy!!!

Sandy C. said...

ROFL!!! What a great idea for a post :) That sign is hilarious :D

I have to try this now ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Linda said...

You are totally 2 degrees of separation from Freddy G because he made a lewd grab at me. My hubby grew up in Sioux City with a guy, Craig T, who ended up being the Administrative Aide to Freddy G when Freddy G left film and ventured into gov. The creepy side note is, when hubby and I married, we stayed with said Craig T and one night we ended up going to a party in a taxi with Congressman Freddy G who made some unsolicited grandy grabs at my legs which almost ended with fisticuffs between hubby, AA and Freddy G. True Story. Crazy weird.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think you should definitely adopt that motto as your own!

Malone! said...

Yep, I've Googled myself and found that my alter ego is a Librarian. I got excited for a sec to see 'Past Winner' on one paragraph, until I realized it was REALLY about ME. Teach me how to insert photos oh Wise Friend and Mentor... see you!

dkuroiwa said...

Hi again...I'm back. Just thought that I would let you know that I "borrowed" your meme from a post or two ago for my own post tonight! The Friday Feast that I have been doing is not up....Thanks so much for letting me borrow!!
have a wonderful Friday!!!

Grandy said...

DK~ Now I'm hungry. :)

Sandy~ I'll have to come check out if you've tried it yet. I'll be looking!!

Linda~ Disturbing images indeed.

Jenn~ I actually think they stole the motto from me!!

MALONE!~ Still having issues? Did I dream that we talked about this? Um...not wise compared to some of these readers.

DK~ "Borrow" any time you want. :)

Tina Coruth said...


It's always so much fun to visit your blog! Today's post is a hoot!