Sunday, March 27, 2011


The lil' man Grandy had a birthday last week. He turned 15. It's hard to believe. In this picture he is sitting on a stool, and he is STILL bigger than me.

It seems as though we cannot stop the aging process of these kids. DANG IT!! I'm not asking to slow things down for myself. Really. But could we do something about keeping our kids young? No? DANG IT!!

This year is bound to bring more grey hair to Grandy-Land. Lil Man will be getting his learner's permit this year, working on his Eagle Project, and oh yeah...working on his grades.

This will be a big year for him indeed. I of course shared my birthday wishes with him both at home, and on the blessed Facebook, but it has become a ritual to put at least a little something on this blog for him. Someday he may look back at all his mom's rantings and maybe laugh. Until then, we'll just laugh for him.

I Love You Little Man!!!


Wiggy said...

Happy birthday to the little man :D

Mike Golch said...

♪♫♪ Happy Birthday to you,Little ♪♫♪
♪♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫♪ And manny happy More.

Grandy said...

Thanks guys!! :)