Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WTF Wednesday - Because I Can

While Grandy is in the midst of entertaining the idea of initiating a "professional" style blog, I should clarify that THIS is not the blog for THAT. There are about 500 posts that contradict most things of a professional nature in this why change the way I think NOW?

With that said...I stumbled across the this picture and realized it has been too long since we have shared one of these.

epic fail photos - Billboard Slogan FAIL
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But admit it...when you got giggled.


songbird's crazy world said...

LOL....glad to have you back, Grandy!

Ally Kat said...

Dam straight, when you comin' down again! i'm ready!!

Mike Golch said...

now that was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandy said...

Songbird~ hehehehe...

Ally Kat~ Too funny!! You just want me to drink your Kool Aid silly.

Mike~ :D Glad you likey.

Suzanne said...

Yes, I saw that the other day and thought it was hilarious. Let's go have some of that Kool Aid, shall we?