Tuesday, February 22, 2011

HELP: When two worlds collide...

So the last post Grandy got up here was almost 2 months ago. Hmmmph! So much for the motivation. Oh well. Those of you out there looking for me, know I will return.

Funny thing is, there have been several things calling me back to this blog lately. And no, it's not the nagging voices I get from a couple of you out there. Actually, Grandy has been meaning to come back and check in. I only just now realized that my last update to you all was that poor cat stressed out. Here Grandy sits...almost 2 months later...just as stressed. Today's stress level hit a relatively euphoric moment, however. It is what prompted Grandy to come and tell all my fans about it (all two of you that is).

Let's see...I think I told you that in the last year my job has changed, and a new boss. There are all sorts of new expectations, learning curves, goals, pressures, wins, losses (blah blah blah) associated with your work life that it seems all I can do when I log off from a long day is play a game on the laptop. My brain has been MUSH!!

One of the new projects I've launched is a monthly newsletter that is distributed to many law firms in Northern California. I'm pretty proud of this project actually. I formally launched it's premier issue in October, and sans the month of January, I have published a new one each month. The topics are not a rocket science, but there's more to providing quality content to a bunch of attorneys and legal administrators than I am used to. Grandy doesn't get to insert ONE piece of Grandy-isms in there. Oh well...their loss.

In the last couple weeks, the popularity of the newsletter has been increasing even more. I have even received a permission request for the re-publication of one of my newsletters on a national site. Really? Alrighty then.

Keeping up with who to include (or making sure I'm including everybody) is quite the task. Grandy has set a goal to have 500 contacts in her distribution list by the end of 2011, and judging by the hubbub surrounding recent issues, I should be there by June. It will take me just that long to manually get all the data in the system for submissions.

Today there was a suggestion made about how to make the newsletter accessible for anyone to see. Something about increasing my visibility among the industry. Ideas were being tossed around to try to show the benefits of my...um...skills?

Grandy should "start a BLOG".
*blink blink*

Me: Um...no. Can't do that, sorry.
She: Really? You have such a talent for writing!! "So and so" (protecting the innocent) said it would be easy and she could help set you up. You could link all your newsletters there.
Me: Yeah, I know it CAN be done. But I can't do one.
She: WHY?!?
Me: I already have a blog.
Me: Um. Not exactly.
She: Oh for goodness sake, why not?
Me: IT'S MY BLOG!! It has nothing to do with professionalism. It's written as me. The real me. Full of Grandy-isms (yes, those moments are also referred to that in the real world too) that may not be my finest moments.
She: I don't understand.
Me: Let's just say that there are some things shared on this blog that are better off not blending with my professional life. While I can assure you that all names have been omitted to protect the not-so-innocent in most cases, I'm just not sure those two worlds should collide.

So while she didn't understand what I was saying, I'm pretty sure this will not be the end of the discussion. In fact, this topic came up at the end of 2010, when I was making progress with the newsletter.

Don't get me wrong, I'm honored they think I'm qualified for such a thing. HOWEVER, there are only a handful of people in my professional life that know this blog exists. Those people that know are FRIENDS and people I trust. Friends and family know of my blog, and several follow it regularly (well, when I'm posting regularly that is).

It would only take ONCE for someone to Google me and they would get directed here first. Not sure I want that. What would become of my "WTF Wednesday"? There's a couple random silly posts I've shared (I'm thinking of "Things you hear at my Desk" posts) that are so much more fun when anonimity can be attached to it.

This blog started as a creative outlet for me 3 1/2 years ago, when I was searching for a place to connect to people. I was terribly ill, on disability, and needing a way to connect to the outside world. In this time I have connected with people in ways I could never explain, nor could I replace. I don't even actively publish about my blog on my Facebook. I'd rather post something completely random like a Bejewled Blitz score, than advertise this blog. This blog is kind of protected ground for me. Like a "home base" when we played tag as kids.

Here's where Grandy is seriously needing some input from my blogging community and friends. Many of you read my blog...but never comment. If ever there was a need for your input, I need it now.

What are your thoughts? HELP!! I need your brilliance!!


Mike Golch said...

keep the blog going,I sometimes post stuff on my facebook page.but mainly I stick to my blog(s).

Persnickety Ticker said...

I have two blogs. I rarely post on either. I don't even know if anyone still reads my blog. The last time I updated I was dating. I have since been dumped amid a swirl of cliches and excuses. I WANT to blog about it, but I am so chock full of anger at the bullshit that I don't think it would come across as anything but bitter bile.

On the other hand, I took a great picture of a bunch of teenagers laying on the ground at the prime puke spot next to the teacups at Disney. I really need to blog that...

Where were we? What was the question? Should you blog about the legal crap? Hell yeah. I'd read it. You make everything funny and interesting.

Suzanne said...

I can think several people I know who walk the tight rope between professional 'for work' blog and personal blog. People who tend to use language a little bit more colorful than yours, even.

If you explain to the bosses about your personal blog being about, well, personal stuff and they still want to have you do one for them, have at it.

And you've actually added a reason why I'm happy my full name isn't attached to my blog-yet. I did it because I didn't want the ex fubby to find me, but the time will come when I'll want others to see it.

Persnickety hit it on the head. What you write is uniquely you, and a legal blog written by you would definitely be worth reading...

(I hope your boss sees how lucky he is to have a talented writer already in-house.)

Christina said...

This is a good one!!

Hmmm....I totally get the crossover problem due to publishing under your real name. I do that too. I've also blogged about work now & then and it aint always pretty....for the two worlds to collide? Eeeep!!

Boy oh boy...I don't know? You need to talk through the plusses & minuses and options with someone I think. I mean...hard to turn down something like that from work, right? Is there any way to go back and hide some more embarrassing posts here? I've had to go through mine a few times and set some posts as private after the fact. I think that is what I would have to do.

Wiggy said...

Hmmm this is a tough one, of which I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum. 2 workmates know and I know atleast 1 reads what I put regular as clockwork, so I've always gotta be extra careful what UI write, even when this said workmate is really ANNOYING the hell out of me. As you know from your facebook feed, I also keep this away from there, as I like the anominity as you have put.

I think you should continue blogging, and just to appease the others, just start up a totally random blog for the newsletter, and maybe edit some of the content on here. Not sure what else I can offer. I'll have a think and get back to you :)

Nice to see you returning ;)

Theresa said...

I've been blogging under my real name the entire time I've had my blogs going. And then I wrote under my own name for the local newspaper for three years. Now, Facebook is under my real name. A Google search reaches even further back in time to web sites that I put together for my students!

To me, I am me, no matter when/where/how/why. I don't open my mouth unless I'm saying something the whole world can hear, bar none. In other words, I will say to your face what I say behind your back. So, all the stuff you find online from little ol' me is really just little ol' me.

There's nothing to say it's a rule that you have to connect your work and your personal blogs together. I only link mine together for the sake of ease of finding them. I have one blog out there that I haven't brought into the loop and it acts like it's lost in the ether. The Internet is an awfully big haystack, Mary. It's possible that your two worlds won't collide at all.

sher said...

people here are professional bloggers for work who also have personal blogs as well. there may be crossover from google searches, but in general, it is done frequently, as people who do it professionally often started with their own personal work :)

songbird's crazy world said...

I think you do need to start the professional blog. I'd love to see it.

ally kat said...

OMG, you of all people could work the fine line between work and mocking work, hahaha,, i love your blog!

Grandy said...

Mike~ I know you are far more regular with your blog than I am with mine. Look at how far you've come!! ;)

Ticker-lady~ Ooohhhh...YOU MUST let me know when you post that picture!! LOL!! PLEASE? ;)

Suzanne~ That's NOT your real NAME?!? Hehehehe...thanks lady. I appreciate it.

Christina~ I don't know how to make posts private, but I must tell you there are MANY that are embarassing on a different level. Hello? Remember the "car driving itself in my front yard" incident? While not necessarily unprofessional...Not one of my finer moments. Hehehe... ;)

Grandy said...

Wiggy~ Please tell me your co-worker has a nickname, so I know WHO you're talking about in your blog or on FB. LOL!!

Teresa~ I'm with you lady. If I say it, I mean it. I try to put a comical or positive spin on things most of the time, but sometimes you just can't.

Wreke~ Thanks so much lady. You are wise before 7am indeed. ;)

Ally Kat~ Thanks so much lady!! I appreciate your comments very much. :)

Kelly O said...

Do it! How fabulous.

Wiggy said...

His name on the blog is Maddsy :)

Momisodes said...

It's so great to see you back! First, congrats! I can certainly see why they are recognizing your writing talent, HOWEVER, I can certainly see your concerns because I feel the same way about my blog. I think if I were faced with the same situation, I would try to keep my blog going. If you think it is something that will weigh on your mind at all times, perhaps you can consider making your blog private. Or you could close this one and direct your readers to a new blog where you write anonymously? I don't know, this is a tough one! Whatever you decide, keep us posted!

Grandy said...

Songbird~ I am so sorry. I didn't realize I neglected to respond to your comment last night. You have always been a big supporter...thank you.

Kelly O~ Thanks. Exciting and nerve racking all at once.

Wiggy~ I will have to check it out.

Momisodes~ I will have to look into the other options. So much of me says go for it...but it's the "what would BOSS think of this, if other people were watching"?

onthecurb said...

Hey, hot mama. Look what the cat dragged in to comment. I had pretty much forgotten what the word 'blog' even meant. ahem.

So, when two worlds collide indeedy. You know I'm weird about not putting my real name on my blog stuff. I always have this internal tiff with myself over whether to come out of the blog true identity closet or not. Part of me thinks, "Screw it. I write how I talk to most people anyway." But, then I remember how I only talk to very few people. So, my "most" is actually "few." And, I doubt any band parents who might find my blog if it were attached to my real name would really want to know that I pop 2 anti-diarrhea pills before working any and every 4-hour shift in the band concession stand on the very rare off chance I might have to take an explosive dookie right in the middle of the half-time concession stand rush. (seriously) Oh, and look what I did right there. Now you definitely don't want to tie this blog to your true identity because then your work peeps will know you have a freakazoid anti-poop-pill-popper friend who comments! You're most welcome. :-)

My advice. Hey, hey, come back! Don't you still want my advice! It doesn't involve poop (because that advice took 2 anti-diarrhea pills before giving its advice). (and we wonder why i never blog anymore, gibberish gibberish) Go ahead and do the work-related blog as the birth/marriage given name you. But, don't tie it with this one. I'm thinking of a song by The Offspring..."You gotta keep 'em separated". When you feel like venting anonymously, you still have us lovelies. I can think of a few blog posts here you probably wouldn't want the general work population to see. You could do as Christina suggested and hide some stuff. I've slowly been deleting posts from my "anonymous" blog even. Ah, but I'm a weirdo.

Geez, that was too ramble ramble of me. However you work it, I'm sure you'll rock it in true Grandy fashion.

Grandy said...

Curb Squirrel~ You.SLAY.Me!! ;)