Thursday, March 8, 2012


We have all seen spam comments, but maybe you are not all amused to see a comment that is totally irrelevant to your post.

In my last post, I got a spam comment that said, "I really like your blog. There is great research and I really think people could get a lot from your site." RESEARCH? Grandy doesn't write based on RESEARCH. Read just a couple of posts (albeit recently few and far between) and you will see that this blog is based more on comedic or emotional anecdotes, rather than research.

Yeah, that was my FIRST clue.

Then the comment proceeded to connect a link to "hot chicks gone wild", and my personal favorite "beautiful boobies".


You stopped me at research, and then had me ROLLING at the boobies folks.

Perhaps you work on your spam-comments-101 class, and try to be a little bit more relevant.


Mike Golch said...

I've gotton some of those as well.the nice part is that they never see the light of day on any of my blogs.that's the great thing about comment moderation.

Anya said...

That's why I support comment moderation system. It gives us option about publishing the comment or not.