Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Book Is Coming!!!

Sometimes life gets in the way of being able to do the things that either calm you, or bring you joy...or both. Writing has always been a hobby and release for me, and this blog has been a way for me to share my random thoughts and sarcasm.

Someone was commenting last night about my "writing skills". Funny thing is, she was referring about my uncanny ability to send one of those "OH HELL NO" emails in a most diplomatic manner. You know the kind, "I can appreciate your position, but respectfully disagree."

I mentioned to this new friend that I have a blog, and she almost didn't believe me. "Why have I never heard of this blog?" she asked. ::Pause:: I didn't know what to say at first. I haven't focused on it for a while (thus the last post being two months ago).

This. Must. Change.

Well, Grandy got some news yesterday, that only the bloggy world could appreciate. A few years back, when the Grandy writing juices were really moving, she "met" another beautiful blogger through NaBloPoMo, who was embarking on a new journey to write a book chronicling the grief process that a daughter goes through when we lose our dads. About 2 years ago, I submitted my story...and it was selected!!!

What a great reminder that perhaps I can tell a story or two.


Be on the lookout for Dead Dads Club from the lovely Mary Burt-Godwin at The Mama Mary Show.

More to follow...


songbird's crazy world said...


Grandy I miss your posts. Please start writing again!

Kelly O said...

Oh, that's FANTASTIC!!! Congrats!

Grandy said...

Songbird - I'm working on it, lady. Thanks for always being patient!!

KellyO - Thanks so much!! :)

Anonymous said...

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