Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grandy is HERE

So many of Grandy's friends are going through something major in their life.


Child Custody Battles


Deportation Issues

Mid-Life Crisis' in ways I can only embrace.

Grandy wants them all to know, she is here. She's here for you. She's not been HERE...via her blog as often as she would like, but she is HERE, in person, and for real.

What can I do for these friends?

Help right the resume.

Go to court.

Give a hug.

Grandy gets low in her own little moments...but has never let that stand in her way of her friends and family. It is in my lowest moments that you have all touched me.

I am here because of you all. I am who I am because of you. You are strong, and make me want to be a better person.

Have faith...and know that you can call me. No matter what!!!

Thank you for being Grandy's friend.


The Mother said...

This is what real friends are for.

Vixen said...

You are a beautiful person. Glad to call you friend! And if you want to help me, go read my latest post on how you can help my dream come true with just a click of the mouse! Please? Every vote counts.

Grandy said...

Thank you both ladies. :)

Mike Golch said...

Grandy,here's a long distrance Hug and a "Thank you for being a Friend...."Can you belevel that I am just a little more than 200 posts away from 2 Grand in posting on Golch Central?