Thursday, June 10, 2010

Family Vacation minus 1

As you read this, Grandy & the little man are off on a vacation to DC. Fubby couldn't come with us this time, and it's kinda feeling like it won't be the same.

I've taken business trips without him, and gone on weekends away with girlfriends, but I've never taken an actual "vacation" without him since we've been together.

It will be odd I think. Little man and I will have a great time, I'm sure. We get to travel with Mom, a Sister, and her family. Lots of pictures will be taken, lots of laughs will be shared, and lots of memories will be made.

Somehow I think just won't be the same. If Fubby read my blog, I would put a little note here that said something like, "See you when we'll get back! We'll miss you!"

But alas...he doesn' that would be pointless.

Have a great day everybody!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! I so loved my DC trip last fall & I really want to take my little man there too.

Have a great time. Sorry that it's minus 1.

Joyce-Anne said...

Hey, we'll be there in a couple of weeks! Have a great time!!