Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WTF Wednesday - The Joys of Summer

Summer months can be HOT HOT HOT!!!

Wouldn't you love a company like this to come and service your Air Conditioning??

I know several men that would hire them just for the great corporate name.

I love the person that stuck their camera outside the window and took this picture, because that is EXACTLY what Grandy would do.

Hahaha!! Right on!!


Mike Golch said...

works for me.

The Mother said...

Do you think they actually thought this through? maybe they only want male clients.

Joyce-Anne said...

ROFL. I think they are definitely trying to appeal to male clients.

Mrs. F said...

Oh wow, that is fabulous!!! I love any reference to the tittays! (cause I am a 12 year old, really)